Saturday, August 12, 2006


This weekend I made time to get the ball rolling on my bear custom. I had done some carving into the plastic a while back, and last night I gave it a coat of all black ultra flat Krylon spraypaint. As a note FOR ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE TROUBLE REMOVING THE ARMS, LISTEN UP. (here's the tip) 1>Bring a kettle or a pot of water to a boil until it is scorching HOT! 2> Lay your headless bear into a large pot of the hot water (Watch those fingers!) 3> grab a butter knife or a screwdriver and push your bear down into the water and make sure the air from inside is released so that the body is filled with water and totally submerged. 4> let it sit for about a half minute, then carefully pull it out with tongs. 5> Pour all of the hot water out of the bear ( The plastic should feel real loose and wobbly at this point) 6> immediately reach inside the neck with the handle of the knife (or screwdriver) and firmly press the bolt of the bears arms out. (it may take a little pulling from the outside as well)
That should do it for ya.


Carlos V. said...

looking good sacks! It's that the bear you took friday from the car...because if it is than damn!! said...

You posted this a little late. After a little pulling and tearing, my grumpy is now a single amputee. Maybe I'll make that one Darth Vader and give him a cyborg hand.