Thursday, August 31, 2006

All Red

Well everything has been painted red. All that's left are the flat black features and graphics then re-assemble. Hopefully I trimmed the knob at the end of the arms enough, so they go back on. - Tom


Darek Welch over at UNKL brands submitted this beauty today.
"Here's my Grumpy bear.
The idea is that when his head is popped off you can see who's really
controlling him...TinPo!"
-Derek Welch

Check out more TinPo and other UNKL merch over at UNKLBRAND.COM

Keith Allen's Super Grumpy!

This is a section of the base that my SUPER GRUMPY will be resting on. I'll be finishing up some painting and building the base this weekend.

"ALL ABOARD!" Stage 2

Here's the second phase of my grumpy submission. I still have to do the face and finish up the pin striping.


Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Anarchy All Primed Up...

We'll all the modifications are done and it's all primed up and redy for paint. I did the tail today, I used wire from a metal clothes hangar for support. Man when I took it out of the oven there was smoke coming from the opening of his neck. I thought I was done for, the hangar must have gotten too hot and started burning some of the sculpy or plastic inside. So if your doing anything like that be careful. That was close.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Head of Anarchy

Horns are on and baked, they just need to be finished sanded. That took longer than I thought. I will prime the head tonght. Tom

Monday, August 28, 2006

Just got finished baking and priming my new work. Decided to post pics of the early stages.

OH SNAP! BACK FROM THE GRAVE. This piece has been resurrected. Thanks to some all purpose cement, this bear melted from the inside out. (Note: DO NOT USE ALL PURPOSE RUBBER CEMENT ON YOUR BEARS) With a new body and a fresh coat of Krylon, he's back in the game.

Anarchy Bear

Just finished the rough drawing yesterday. The "bear" will have a short devil like tail, the other one will be cut off. Need to adjust the anarchy symbol a bit on his butt. It will have a red base with black painted on top. The blob on it's forehead is a spiral. I just cut off the ears, hair and nose. I have filled the holes in it's head and am shaping the horns now. I'll use the lightning bolts to make an "A" which might be the base. Tom

This bear was submitted by Vincent R. Marchica, VP Creative Consumer Products (DIC Entertainment)
"This is my Grumpy bear I’m sending. Rubber Latex and acrylic.  Thanks for the fun!" -  Vince

Another Star Wars character?!?!?

well, the last thing i wanted to do is to mimic someone else's work or jump on his/her bandwagon... but i couldn't resist. This is Gamorrean Guard from SW Return of the Jedi as my practice bear. I wanted to get some experience on sculpey... so i used the regular bear as a test. I have some Super Sculpey, but i decided to buy a few blocks of colored Sculpey III... so i can get some idea without painting. Even though i talked to Keith on his progress and experience every so often, i wanted to try on my own. As he noted, pretty scary to put that bear in the oven... but nothing really happened. I still need to get the temperature and the timing thing right. As you see, his teeth were over baked and got discolored fast!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Almost there...

Just about finished the 2nd Stormy Bear this weekend. Just need to add his ears and gloss paint the helmet.

After picking up a $10 fiber optic lamp as a donor, running about 75 fiber optic lines and soldering together a LED circuit Darth Vabear is now powered up and ready to go. The center line of lights blinks like a heartbeat. This thing also runs on an AC adapter plugged into the wall. Can also be displayed without plugging it in.. but why would you? :)

Things left to do:
  • Insert everyone's eye lenses
  • Detail paint everyone
  • Sculpt 2 blasters and 1 lightsaber base
  • Run the LED for the lightsaber
  • Design the packaging
  • Sit back and relax.

Beauty and the Bear...

To post...or not to post. That is the question.
Ah, what the hell, here he is.
Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite movie is King Kong. Not the most recent Peter Jackson version, but the 1933 classic. So when it came time to do my customized Grumpy Bear, the choice seemed simple. I based my piece on one of the many vintage 1933 poster images, gaudy colors and all. The Empire State Building tower is an inverted tin flower pot with a few rubber washers for windows, and matte board and wood for various other details. In Grumpy Kong's right paw is a roughed up Sopwith Camel bi-plane. In his left paw is his lady love, Strawberry Shortcake. The only things I have left to do is decals on the plane's wings and a nameplate I am designing at the moment. It was hard to get a real good photo, so I hope everyone likes him better in person.

Bearskin Rug

I started sculpting the head for my bearskin rug. It's my first time using Sculpy. I'd like it to be much more smooth than I've got it. I've already got a mess of purple fur for the rug. And I suppose I ought to make some feet as well. I still have to figure out how it's all going to fit together.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Let there be light.

Probably giving away more then I want about this but it's coming along pretty smoothly so I figured I'd post this. This came about from a passing though/idea/comment someone had... might have been Masa.

Well, who am I to waste a good idea? Remember... anything worth doing is worth OVERdoing. :)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

...aaaaand, done!

Thar she blows! I had a few hairy moments working with the resin, but all worked out well in the end.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Here we go.

I have:

• 1 Grumpy, minus face
• grey fur
• box 'o Sculpey
• silver leaf
• wool felt
• embroidery thread
• three 2-liters of generic Dr. Pepper

We'll see what happens.

Monday, August 21, 2006


I couldn't resist! I just have a couple of things to finish up, It's going to be suspended in clear resin inside the tank. Each one of the "rivets" on the tank was cut from sculpey and glued on one at a time, there are over 250 of them.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ohhh look, shiney!

These guys are all painted up awaiting accessories, details, and reinforcements (1 more stormy bear)

Lord Vabear... RISE!
(or fall on the floor covered with sawdust)

If anyone is reading this besides me, Dave, Sacks and the 2 other people who posted I figured I'd share some info.

Sculpted my Darth Vabear yesterday and got him all baked and hardened. Issue I ran into was painting it with rustoleum satin spray paint. Even after leaving it dry overnight it was still sticky. A quick trip to the Kid Robot forums said this is a common problem. Fortunately I didn't have this problem with the Stormy Bear but I used American Tradition (I think) flat white spray. It dried just fine.

Of course I dropped my Vabear on the garage floor which was conveniently covered in sawdust from a recent project. *grrrr*. But after running it under some cold water and rubbing a little I got it all off and the paint was a little less sticky. It's been sitting under a fan for about an hour now. I didn't see if there was a cure for the stickies but I'm going to do some research.

Just make sure you test your paint on something small you can clean like the underside of the arm. Usually it's said if you prime first, youre good. I didn't prime Vabear though so that might have been the problem.

Since everything is going pretty good up until this point I decided to go another extra step. I'm not going to show it yet.. maybe not until the show.. but here's a hint.


I'm slowly getting started. I've got 2 bears to do, so I'm warming up with the first one. Strawbeary Bear will have some sprinkles and an ice cream cone hat. I'm planning on replacing the lightning bolts with spoons from Baskin Robbins. While I'm working on Strawbeary, I'm trying to figure out what I want to do with the other bear... something more punk rock and deviant. I did buy a can of glow-in-the-dark spray paint that I'm itching to use on something....

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Building the Empire one bear at a time.

Ok so I stayed up too late tonight messing with my bear. I started to glue the Mr Potatohead Spud Trooper helmet together and mount the ears thinking that was all I'd do but the block of super sculpey caught my eye.
Here's some photos. This thing should look hot when it's finished. I will probably still do a Darth vader bear but debating on a 2nd Stormy Bear.

About 4 hours later I'm pretty much done with the body modifications. Not bad for only my second attempt at sculpture. Now I just need to figure out how to harden the clay without ruining the vinyl figure. I'm thinking either heat gun on low or dropping the hole thing in the oven on low heat for a really slow bake. Both ways are suggested on most all the vinyl toy boards.

PS... I'm HONESTLY not a Star Wars geek. Really.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Saturday, August 12, 2006


This weekend I made time to get the ball rolling on my bear custom. I had done some carving into the plastic a while back, and last night I gave it a coat of all black ultra flat Krylon spraypaint. As a note FOR ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE TROUBLE REMOVING THE ARMS, LISTEN UP. (here's the tip) 1>Bring a kettle or a pot of water to a boil until it is scorching HOT! 2> Lay your headless bear into a large pot of the hot water (Watch those fingers!) 3> grab a butter knife or a screwdriver and push your bear down into the water and make sure the air from inside is released so that the body is filled with water and totally submerged. 4> let it sit for about a half minute, then carefully pull it out with tongs. 5> Pour all of the hot water out of the bear ( The plastic should feel real loose and wobbly at this point) 6> immediately reach inside the neck with the handle of the knife (or screwdriver) and firmly press the bolt of the bears arms out. (it may take a little pulling from the outside as well)
That should do it for ya.

Friday, August 11, 2006

The madness begins

I started hacking my bear apart yesterday, poor dude's got not snout.

I have some pretty elaborate plans for this custom, I'll have pics soon.

This is going to be a fun one, thanks Saks and Anthony.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Mic Check...

... one, two, one, two ...

hola, everyone.


Here's the Grumpy turnaround. Feel free to click on it and drag to your desktop for planning out your masterpiece.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Couldn't wait to jump in on this one and plant my flag. First, appreciate being included in the show. Second.. here's what I'll be working on.

2 Stormy Bears and a yet to be cleverly named Vader Bear. Which means I'll be buying extra bears.. oh well. *shrug*

Here's a quick initial Stormy Bear sketch. I'll probably have the ears sticking out.

Stormy Bear