Thursday, August 17, 2006

Building the Empire one bear at a time.

Ok so I stayed up too late tonight messing with my bear. I started to glue the Mr Potatohead Spud Trooper helmet together and mount the ears thinking that was all I'd do but the block of super sculpey caught my eye.
Here's some photos. This thing should look hot when it's finished. I will probably still do a Darth vader bear but debating on a 2nd Stormy Bear.

About 4 hours later I'm pretty much done with the body modifications. Not bad for only my second attempt at sculpture. Now I just need to figure out how to harden the clay without ruining the vinyl figure. I'm thinking either heat gun on low or dropping the hole thing in the oven on low heat for a really slow bake. Both ways are suggested on most all the vinyl toy boards.

PS... I'm HONESTLY not a Star Wars geek. Really.


SACKS said...

Ah yes. The force is strong in this one. said...

30 minutes in the oven at 190 degrees on a copy paper lined pyrex dish and stormy bear is hard as a rock. he's now sanded, primed and ready for some gloss white.

was worried the vinyl would melt or the sculpey would crack... nope. came out perfecto.

Darth Vabear is sculpted, baked and now cooling. should have him primed and ready for paint this weekend.

then one more stormy bear to do and i'll almost be done!