Monday, August 28, 2006

Another Star Wars character?!?!?

well, the last thing i wanted to do is to mimic someone else's work or jump on his/her bandwagon... but i couldn't resist. This is Gamorrean Guard from SW Return of the Jedi as my practice bear. I wanted to get some experience on sculpey... so i used the regular bear as a test. I have some Super Sculpey, but i decided to buy a few blocks of colored Sculpey III... so i can get some idea without painting. Even though i talked to Keith on his progress and experience every so often, i wanted to try on my own. As he noted, pretty scary to put that bear in the oven... but nothing really happened. I still need to get the temperature and the timing thing right. As you see, his teeth were over baked and got discolored fast!

1 comment: said...

man i think this is outstanding.
great work man.

who's doing the yoda bear?
what about Bear Solo frozen in carbonite?

maybe jabba the bear with strawberry shortcake as leia the slave dancer.