Sunday, August 27, 2006

Almost there...

Just about finished the 2nd Stormy Bear this weekend. Just need to add his ears and gloss paint the helmet.

After picking up a $10 fiber optic lamp as a donor, running about 75 fiber optic lines and soldering together a LED circuit Darth Vabear is now powered up and ready to go. The center line of lights blinks like a heartbeat. This thing also runs on an AC adapter plugged into the wall. Can also be displayed without plugging it in.. but why would you? :)

Things left to do:
  • Insert everyone's eye lenses
  • Detail paint everyone
  • Sculpt 2 blasters and 1 lightsaber base
  • Run the LED for the lightsaber
  • Design the packaging
  • Sit back and relax.


James Groman said...

So far, I'm seeing some great entries.
Keith's even putting on a light show.
These guys look great. I'm thinking this may inspire some folks at Hasbro for a new Star Wars line of bears...

Bonnie said...

Most impressive!