Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lord Vabear... RISE!
(or fall on the floor covered with sawdust)

If anyone is reading this besides me, Dave, Sacks and the 2 other people who posted I figured I'd share some info.

Sculpted my Darth Vabear yesterday and got him all baked and hardened. Issue I ran into was painting it with rustoleum satin spray paint. Even after leaving it dry overnight it was still sticky. A quick trip to the Kid Robot forums said this is a common problem. Fortunately I didn't have this problem with the Stormy Bear but I used American Tradition (I think) flat white spray. It dried just fine.

Of course I dropped my Vabear on the garage floor which was conveniently covered in sawdust from a recent project. *grrrr*. But after running it under some cold water and rubbing a little I got it all off and the paint was a little less sticky. It's been sitting under a fan for about an hour now. I didn't see if there was a cure for the stickies but I'm going to do some research.

Just make sure you test your paint on something small you can clean like the underside of the arm. Usually it's said if you prime first, youre good. I didn't prime Vabear though so that might have been the problem.

Since everything is going pretty good up until this point I decided to go another extra step. I'm not going to show it yet.. maybe not until the show.. but here's a hint.

4 comments: said...

well i thought i would try to bake the enamel dry so i washed all the painted pieces with dish soap and water, shook them dry and threw them in the oven at 160 for about 30 minutes. seems the tackiness is gone. might be a fluke but seems to have worked.

CMR said...

Did you prime it first? said...

of course not. why would I do that? haha.

something kept telling me to prime it.. but i didn't want to prime it white and i didn't have any black or gray primer... so i went for broke with the satin finish.

it's good to go now.. the gloss coat set up real nice.

definately prime it first i guess. i'll be priming my 2nd stormtrooper.

CMR said...

Ha. Yeah I'd say some primer/filler would have prevented those problems. Of course I had to leanr these things the hard way as well.

Looking good though.